shut up cishets
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By making white, “cis”-gendered people feel bad for being who they are you aren’t promoting social justice you are BULLYING.

lol why the inverted commas around cis

also no one’s making cis people feel bad for who they are lol we’re only calling people…

if someone does not want cis people to follow them it is a precaution because of the horrific abuse trans people receive both on and offline.

think about the implications of what cis people have done to us if people are so afraid of being abused that they simply cannot face cis people anymore.

and also, it may not be obvious but cis people are transphobic whether they realise it or not. you have been brought up with cis privilege and this cannot be rid from a person just by saying “i accept trans people” if a cis person wasnt transphobic they would have no need to question why some of us feel the need to shield ourselves from cis people, cause they’d actually care about our safety and wellbeing
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    I can understand why you’re confused. You’re a fucking moron.
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    or u could not generalise groups like “oh i’d be comfortable with cis people who weren’t transphobic but NO CIS PERSON...
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    No I’m saying that you, alone, are a dickhead. Stop hiding behind your trans-sexuality and stop insinuating I’m...
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    are you trying to say that trans people are abused cause of their personalitiescause im sure you doubting and...
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    ummmm not all cis ppl are automatically transphobic???? cis ppl dont all have shitty parents who raise them not to...
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    Sorry but that’s just ridiculous
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